Sub-Zero Wolf Appliance Repair in Fountain Valley, CA

In Fountain, Valley CA. Sub-Zero and Wolf appliance owners can rest easy about repairs because Superior Appliance Repair is there ready to assist them. There is no problem we consider too small or too large for us to respond to. We do maintenance calls for cleaning and filter changes, and we do condenser and parts replacement. Our team is more than willing to take care of your appliance issues.

Common Problems with Sub-Zero Outdoor Refrigeration

Sub-Zero outdoor refrigeration units are perfect for anyone who likes to grill in the summer, or enjoys working and playing outdoors. With age these outdoor appliances may begin to show signs of wear by developing performance issues. Some of the most common performance issues include:

  • Failure to maintain a constant cool temperature
  • A vacuum condenser light that is staying illuminated
  • Water leaking from the appliance

These problems could be minor issues and they could also be a warning of major complications.

When to call Sub-Zero Technicians

As soon as you notice a difference in the way your Sub-Zero outdoor refrigeration unit is working give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Some of the first indications that a problem is happening are:

  • The unit is louder than it normally is
  • The food and drinks do not feel as cool as they used to
  • You notice water or liquid under or behind the appliance

When our factory-trainer repair technician arrives they will be ready to listen to you describe the problem. Then they will check the appliance over to make sure that the condenser is working properly, and that the evaporator or condenser fans are not malfunctioning. They will check the water inlet valve, the water tank, and the water filter housing for signs of wear. The technician will diagnose the problem, discuss possible remedies with you, and then go to work making your appliance work better.